1. DaxPRO-2

Product Description

Product Codes:

10W Dimmable 3000K : DXD310
10W Dimmable 4000K : DXD410
  5W Non Dim
3000K: DX35
5W Non Dim
4000K : DX45

Die Cast Bezels
The DaxPro is "professional" integrated 10w COB LED Dimmable Downlight. It features a flexible LED driver – “The Flexi-Driver”, a 60 degree beam angle, an IC bracket that emits very low heat so the unit can be covered by insulation, and a low profile design which allows the unit to be installed in very low void spaces (minimum 65mm).
The DaxPro has been fire tested to 30, 60 and 90 minutes and even surpassed 100 minutes. This new unit is also fitted with a 20amp 4 Terminal Fast Fix Release Connector and heavy duty spring clips, making your job easier.
Finally the DaxPro comes with a standard 5 year warranty, which can be extended (only for domestic use) by another 5 years, providing you with 10 years care free maintenance.fficia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum

Design Features


The DaxPRO features interchangable bezels (sold seperately) which allow you to change the style of your downlights when you want.
Die Cast Aluminium for a professional and lasting appearance; plated or painted in our most popular colours: Black, Antique & Polished Brass, Burshed Chrome, Polished Chrome & White
Bezels are compatible with both 10W & 5W models.
Incorporating an innovative 'flexi-driver' that can be flexed to reposition around objects, the DaxPRO will accomodate minimum void spaces of 65mm.
This 'flexi-driver' also has the added benefit, when fitting the product in its standard orientation (driver not flexed over) of protecting the life of the driver. Heat that rises up from the LED's no longer rises to heat the driver, which may ultimately lead to to decreased driver life.

Technical Information

Colour Temperature
Overall Dimensions    
Integrated Fire Rated Downlighter
10W or 5W 
3000K Warm White/ 4000K Cool White
10W: 700lm (4000K)/ 650lm (3000K),
5W: 450lm (4000K)/ 400lm (3000K)
Depth: 65mm, Length: 161.5mm, Dia: 85mm
Download 10W Data Sheet
Download 5W Data Sheet
Dimming List


DaxLite is a recognised brand in the manufacture of Fire Rated Downlighters and is proud to introduce the DaxPRO to its Fire Rated Downlighter family with a market leading 10 year extended domestic warranty option.
This option is an extension of the standard 5 year warranty and is a mark of the qualify and performance that DaxLite strives to deliver through its products. To register your DaxPRO product for the 10 year extended domestic warranty simply download and complete the registration form, using the link aside.
Warranty Sheet